Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hello Kitty Must Die

Hello Kitty Must Die
by Angela Choi

It is time to enter the world of the weird and ‘dark’ humor of Angela Choi through her book Hello Kitty Must Die.  Great title, huh?  Well “Kitty” in this case refers to a woman’s private part…you can see where this is going.   Well, not completely.  Fiona Yu is a 28-year-old Asian lawyer who graduated from Yale University.  All of the stereotypes of Asian culture appear in the story.  So what was the storyline?  Fiona (Fi), daughter of traditional Asian parents, is asked why she isn’t married yet to a UC Berkeley graduate (the quintessential degree-offering college of west-coast Chinese, per Choi).  In the meantime, Fi learns her hymen broke and wants to get It repaired and visits a doctor who specializes in reconstructive surgery.  Guess who her doctor is…Sean Killroy, a classmate from elementary school who was sent to juvenile detention for burning a classmate!  Yes, he not only burned one student but permanently injured another - and all “by accident”. But was it?  We find out through the book that Sean has upped his game to murder (remember, this is a dark comedy)!  Sean and Fi have a great deal in common as ‘besties’ and continue to have their relationship escalate when Sean helps to “off” Fi’s new law firm boss who’s having a love affair.  Lots of other characters die at the hands of Sean, and later Fi.  But as Fi says, karma is never a good thing, which becomes most true for Sean.  There are moments of absurdity that make you laugh and, at times, made me groan.  High frequency of sexual jokes, if that’s your thing. This is a classic stereotype novel to the extreme. Quick read, it was okay…

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