Friday, July 28, 2017

Family Under the Bridge

The Family Under the Bridge
by Natalie Savage Carlson

The diversity of books on this year’s RA Favorite Book list continues to amaze me.  Finished Natalie Savage Carlson’s book Family Under the Bridge, a short children’s story describing a family that loses financial resources and is forced to live on the streets, under a bridge.  The family, comprised of a single mother, three children and a dog, is left to find a place to live within the city of Paris.  Luckily, they meet an old, humble “homeless man,” referred to as a ‘hobo’ in the book, who resembles Santa Claus.  Armand, the hobo, is immediately drawn to the three children and takes them through the city to address their hunger, lack of clothes, and homelessness.  The story takes place during the Christmas season, and in the end, Armand is able to deliver the family the best holiday present ever.  This is a heart-warming tale that illustrates to youth the importance of caring for those who have limited resources and how good fortune can strike when you open your heart.  Great for young children to read.

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