Friday, December 8, 2017

Mutant Message Down Under

Mutant Message Down Under
by Marlo Morgan

During my two-month illness, my oldest sister, Nancy, sent me Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan.  Morgan, a fifty-year-old divorced mother with two adult children, is asked to work on a health care project in Australia.  Morgan was a health care professional who believed in wellness related strategies to cure patients.  Morgan arrives in Australia and begins her project.  One day, she attends an event where she has her future told by a fortune teller. She is told that there is a journey in her future where she will meet her soul mate, which does indeed come true.  Morgan later goes on a tour of the outback and is asked to immediately join the Aboriginal tribe she had visited on a 90-day walk through the desert.  She feels compelled to do it.  The rest of the story captures Morgan’s journey of learning about respect of our world/nature, how to control her fear and pain (walking across the desert with no shoes), and how to connect to others through telepathy.  Each chapter teaches a new lesson.  The book is controversial, as many who read the book think that Morgan made up the entire trip.  Hummm…either way, still a series of valuable lessons for a person to learn.  Timely read for me. 

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