Friday, November 17, 2017

Children of the Matrix

Children of the Matrix
by David Icke

What a way to finish with the RA Favorite book list for 2017-18.  A total of over 950 books read in the past decade.  The variety of books always astonishes me.  I will say, I wasn’t able to connect with this last book, Children of the Matrix by David Icke.  It is hard to read a book that philosophically I just don’t get….  Icke is well known for serving as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and his proclamations are pretty far out there.  This book was published in 2000 and focuses on the Illuminati and how they have infiltrated all powerful leaders in our society.  He proclaims that the governmental and financial leaders of the world all come from one of seven bloodlines, all connected through an early ancestry that involves mating of a reptilian and man.  If that isn’t so hard to believe, Icke destroys the idea of religion and quotes documents and materials from thousands of years ago to prove his points.  He takes on every institution and shows how society needs ‘hope’ in that which doesn’t exist.  He spends a great deal of time attempting to sell an older book he wrote, referring back to it at least 125 times in this 480-page book.   He believes in UFOs and provides significant data to prove his case.  Through and through, he attacks anything that is ‘structured’ in our world.  He believes that all institutions are connected to Satan and evil ways (such as being pedophiles, blood drinkers, killers of animals)…and the list goes on.  I thought it was so outrageous that I went online and watched him being interviewed by BBC reporters in 2016.  He is for real and believes 100% in what he preaches.  I was so underwhelmed and not at all in sync with his atheist and over-the-top claims on the “who’s who” of leaders from George Washington to Bill Clinton – all “evil doers” – that I had enough.  While I read the book, I was pretty disgusted with his claims, especially saying that one of my distant cousins (former comedienne Bob Hope) used to participate in demonic rituals, and I lost any and all faith that this guy has any sense at all.  I’m surprised that this book was a favorite.  Hard to find anything to connect with in this book.  Nothing redeeming for me in this one.  I guess I’m stuck with thinking about this one for a LONG time…hurry and hire some new RAs for the spring, I need a new book to read!

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