Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Gastronomical Me

The Gastronomical Me
by M. F. K. Fisher

M.F. K. Fisher’s book The Gastronomical Me presents a really creative and interesting way to write an autobiography of your early life by.  Fisher, who grew up in California, chronicles a 29-year period of her life from her childhood days through her 40’s.  Each chapter tells a brief history of what she was doing (at home with family, going to college, traveling around the world, being married to a young struggling professor, and finally being present as her second husband dies from a debilitating disease), but, just as importantly, she connects each chapter to food! From something she learned to cook, to an exquisite meal she had during the memorable experience she wrote about in the chapter, there’s always a connection.  Each experience in her life was connected to a new cuisine, a delicious dessert, or even home grown vegetables that simmered on the stove. Your taste buds will flare up as she describes in depth the food choice of that day/experience.  Fisher is a woman ahead of her time.  The first chapter begins in 1912, a time when woman had few opportunities to ‘follow their dreams’, but Fisher did just that.  She left home for college, ventured with her newlywed husband to Europe for his first job, then traveled the world after their marriage disintegrated and she fell in love with another man.  A really unique way to illustrate the coming of age of a fiercely independent woman while receiving new recipes and food choices to expand the palate.  A very accessible read that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Fisher’s life is one worth learning about.

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