Saturday, June 2, 2018


by Carl Sagan

I remember seeing this book sitting on my dad’s table at home when I was a teenager.  A best-selling book at the time, Cosmos by Carl Sagan was the “go-to” book on astronomy, science, and all things “outerspace”.   The book has thirteen chapters which correlate with a TV series with the same number of editions.  The book shares very complex scientific thoughts on the development of earth, the universe and human beings in our civilization. Sagan, a Professor at Cornell University, is known in his time as the Father of Science.  The success of the book was a result of its combination of the latest scientific knowledge with amazing pictures from space.  The planets, earth’s beginnings, the stars (my favorite chapter), the development of science over the ages, telescopes and what they see, the development of travel (and its impact on what we know), and travel in space (and each voyage to that date) are a few of the various, major themes in the book.  A bit dated but great to read what was known at that moment in time.  Some major books stay best sellers, even today!

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